Behavior Supports Services

All behavior is a form of communication. For adults with developmental disabilities challenging behavior can be a way to communicate emotional or physical needs, to have control or be independent, to get help with something, to deal with boredom or irritability, hunger or pain. The Center’s behavior supports department strives to help individuals with disabilities find constructive avenues to manage their needs and stresses.

Positive Behavior Supports Philosophy
The Work Activity Center adopts the Positive Behavior Supports philosophy (SOAR 2006). Positive Behavior Supports is a way of thinking and interacting for all people, not just people with disabilities. Positive approaches are the cornerstone of this philosophy. Positive approaches are those that enhance a person’s life through collaboration instead of control and focus on the individual’s point of view instead of eliminating circumstances we perceive to be unacceptable. Positive Behavior Supports teach that when supports center upon a person’s strengths, problematic situations are less likely to occur.

The Center’s Behavior Specialist works with staff and family members to promote positive behavior supports for those who exhibit a variety of challenging or aggressive behaviors. Some of the services available are: functional behavior assessments, behavior support plans, medical and medication reviews, reward and reinforcement programs, and extensive staff training.