Day Services

The Work Activity Center offers a variety of training and life skill development programs aimed to enrich the lives of adults with developmental disabilities. These training programs expand existing skills while challenging individuals to develop new skills and experiences.

Our patient and thorough staff teach our clients comprehensively in a manner that is consistent with their level of understanding. For example, cooking classes teach all aspects of the cooking process, from meal planning, food preparation, sanitary cooking practices, kitchen management, and safe appliance operation, to clean up. The Center takes this level of care in all aspects of its’ programming.

Training Programs include:

Pre-vocational Skills
This program is organized around work activity modules designed to teach skills needed to perform work related tasks. Participants learn skills such as resume development, appropriate workplace behavior, appropriate workplace dress, interview protocols and problem solving.

Home Living Skills
Our home living skills program focuses on teaching clients to manage their time and activities. These skills include cooking, laundry, and housekeeping, and leisure activities. Leisure skills include participation in music classes, arts programs and other opportunities to socialize and pursue areas of personal interest.

Health and Safety Training
Health and safety awareness training provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to actively engage in learning discussing and implementing practices that assure personal safety in the home, community and workplace. This program also emphasizes the importance of personal hygiene and nutrition. As part of this program, participants also have the opportunity to use fitness equipment and participate in group sports.

Lifelong Learning
Our lifelong learning program offers clients the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of activities that fit the adage “it is never too late for learning.” These activities enhance knowledge and expand experiences through leisure activities, nature studies, cultural studies and crafts, exposure to new technologies and adaptive equipment. One of the most beneficial and important skills that participants learn in this program is choice. On a daily basis our clients are presented with a range of opportunities for lifelong learning, and they are free to choose which activities they would like to participate in and what interests they would like to pursue.


Community Access and Integration
This program creates opportunities for our participants to access and take part in community activities. Participants may take part in volunteer projects through local and national organizations. The Center also organizes opportunities for clients to visit community offerings such as parks, zoos, festivals, museums, and tours. When participating in these activities clients implement the skills that are taught in our other programming, such as money management, decision making, proper social interaction, and safety skills.

Sensory Based Learning
The Center uses sensory based techniques to enhance the experiences of our clients. Activities take into account individual needs that result from medical conditions and integrate as many different senses as possible for the individual in order to broaden and deepen the scope of these experiences.