The Employment Department at the Work Activity Center works to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities through employment based trainings, skill assessments and work opportunities.

Employment Supports/In-House Production
Individuals working in our Employment Supports program perform jobs such as collating, simple assembly, stuffing, sorting, shredding, sealing, packaging, and labeling. The clients perform these tasks in our warehouse and employment rooms, working hard to earn their own paycheck. Business partners have praised us on the quality of our work, the timeliness of our finished product deliveries, and the amount of money we are able to save them. For more information about partnering with us call the center at (801) 977-9779 and ask for the Production Coordinator.

Jump Ropes
One particular project that we perform in-house is making beaded and speed jump ropes. We have made ropes for individuals, schools and competitive jumping teams all over the nation. For more information and to purchase some ropes go to our website: http://www.jump-ropes.org.

Supported Employment
The Work Activity Center’s Supported Employment program gives groups or individuals with disabilities the opportunity to work on site at different businesses in the community. Individuals in Supported Employment hold various jobs in an array of industries throughout the Salt Lake Valley. The level of job independence varies from enclave, or group work, to completely autonomous positions. Work Activity Center Job Coaches ensure quality of work for community employers and provide teaching and support to individuals in all job-related tasks (searching, applying, interviewing, transportation, general employee skills and job-specific skills). For more information about partnering with us call the center at (801) 977-9779 and ask for the Supported Employment Program Manager.

Covenant Employment Services
The Work Activity Center is the parent company of Covenant Employment Services whose mission is to assist individuals to increase independence by overcoming work related barriers. Covenant has worked with the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, Division of Services for People with Disabilities and the Department of Workforce Services in finding employment opportunities for people with all types of work related barriers. Covenant’s Employment Specialists work one-on-one with the customer by helping them with pre-job placement activities, such as resume building, helping them find employment and post-job placement activities to help them retain their job.

For more information you can visit their website: http://www.covenantemployment.org/