Acquired Brain Injury Test 

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1. An acquired brain injury is any injury to the brain that occurs after birth. *
2. Traumatic brain injuries include injuries from internal traumas like tumors, infectious diseases, and strokes. *
3. Mild Brain Injuries score between a 9-12 on the Glasgow Coma Scale. *
4. In a moderate brain injury, a lost of consciousness lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. *
5. The Glasgow Coma Scale is used to diagnose the severity of the brain injury. *
6. Problems in the behavioral and emotional area of a brain injury may include frustration, restlessness, anxiety, and depression. *
7. If an individual with a brain injury is confused about their daily schedule of activities, you can help them by establishing a consistent schedule. *
8. If an individual with a brain injury is not responding to another person’s conversation, you can help them best by responding for them. *
9. Intellectual Disabilities and Acquired Brain Injury are different conditions and the terms are not interchangeable. *