Person Centered Planning Test

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1. Person Centered Planning can be defined as a process to support an individual to realize goals, wishes and dreams for the future.
2. Person Centered Planning should be provided for everyone who received support from your agency. *
3. In Person Centered Planning, the individual has the right to plan for him or herself in ways that are meaningful. *
4. In supporting people with disabilities to realize their goals, dreams, and desires, sometimes there are obstacles that need to be addressed. *
5. In Person Centered Planning the power of decision-making is often shared between the person receiving supports and the people closest to them. *
6. Providing Person Centered Planning can help ensure the person’s goals, desires and preferences are not overlooked by the agency. *
7. Health, safety and welfare needs aren’t addressed in Person Centered Planning. *
8. Person Centered Planning has to do with helping to uncover ideas people have in regards to what they want out of life. *