Prevention of Choking Test

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1. How many people die annually as a result of choking? *
2. Which one of the following is not a common cause of choking? *
3. Swallowing difficulties should be addressed in each client’s Individual Service Plan and/or Risk Management Plan. *
4. Impairment or loss of the swallowing reflex is common after exercise. *
5. Individuals should be supervised while they eat. *
6. Foods like grapes, apples, hot dogs, sausages, and other meats should always be cut into small pieces to help prevent choking. *
7. Give people with swallowing difficulties (dementia, dysphasia) bubble gum and hard candies. *
8. Do not let people eat too fast. *
9. When swallowing difficulties are suspected, be sure that clients receive adequate and timely swallowing evaluations. *
10. The inability to relieve the obstruction cannot cause breathing failure, cardiac arrest, brain damage, and death. *
11. If you have a person choking and another person is available, have that person call for help while you perform first aid. *
12. Which of the following is not a symptom of choking? *
13. Which one of the following ARE indicators that someone IS choking (circle all that apply)? *
14. The lack of oxygen caused by choking can result in brain damage or death *
15. If a person is choking FIRST: *