Principles of Age Appropriate Community Inclusion Test

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1. Inclusion is a belief in every person’s inherent right to participate fully in society. *
2. The goal of inclusion is for non-disabled people to lead productive lives as full, participating members of their communities. *
3. Individuals with developmental disabilities, including those with the most severe disabilities are capable of: *
4. Respect is shown by each individual being regarded in a dignified and age appropriate manner. *
5. Each individual is regarded as having the same rights as any other person but is not accorded the dignity to exercise responsibility as others in the same status age and age group. *
6. Status of the individual includes:
7. Listening to the person means individuals are allowed to express their likes, dislikes, and their desire to make changes or try different things, etc. *
8. Explaining limitations means: *
9. Promoting acceptance by the community includes: *
10. The supports will be provided only by the provider agencies and staff. *