Relationships and Intimacy Test.

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1. Friendships play a crucial role in shaping our social skills and our sense of identity. *
2. In order to build relationships, it is vital that people with developmental disabilities have the chance to learn and participate in activities in their home and community. *
3. There are numerous skills to be learned in communicating and socializing with others. *
4. Skills are developed over years of observation, discussion, practice, feedback and opportunities to use them. *
5. Social isolation is something that only occurs in the lives of people with developmental disabilities. *
6. Role play does not allow the person to explore different outcomes in social situations without lasting consequences. *
7. It is important to assist the person in aligning values and beliefs with behaviors. *
8. Sexuality is not a part of who we are, it is just what we do.
9. The greatest impact you can have on an individual is to model healthy attitudes toward sexuality. *
10. People with developmental disabilities tend to have very few friends and are often aware of their own limited social networks and social isolation. *